29 / David Benjamin Sherry ▾

These photographs of Big Bend, Texas may as well be the surface of another planet. The (natural) compositions are so graphic, making it impossible to tell macro from micro.

▸ davidbenjaminsherry.com

27 / Tickets ▾

Every once and a while, I get a valet stub or parking garage ticket that is interesting in some way or another. Jen, my wife, brings them home to me, too. Her train ticket from a recent trip to France is included above. I save these little ephemera in a resealable plastic bag for future reference. Tonight I pulled a few favorites and scanned them.

I love how handled each piece appears. The typography is always strange and I especially like big red numbers. Simple bits of utility can be very pleasant.

25 / Adam Arkapaw, "Top of the Lake" ▾

Around this time last year I stumbled upon the BBC/Sundance miniseries "Top of the Lake," starring Elisabeth Moss and Holly Hunter. Within the first 30 seconds, I knew the show was special. The Director of Photography was Adam Arkapaw and I was overwhelmed by the visual language he had created. Episode one, "Paradise Sold," took nearly double the run time to watch due to my pausing, rewinding, staring and gawking. It was relentlessly beautiful.

Adam won an Emmy for his work on "Top of the Lake" (Outstanding Cinematography for a Miniseries or Movie). He went on to film "True Detective" season one, directed by Cary Fukunaga, which also won an Emmy for cinematography.

"Top of the Lake" is available on Netflix.

▸ Read insights from Adam about the filming of "Top of the Lake" here.